Hollywood Star Richard Gere Joins Indian PM Modi for Yoga Day Event at UN HQ

by Manjari Singh

Renowned Hollywood actor Richard Gere joined Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the grand Yoga Day Event hosted at the United Nations Headquarters. The event, which aimed to celebrate World Yoga Day, witnessed the convergence of influential figures from various fields. Captivating photographs from the venue captured the moment when Richard warmly greeted PM Modi with a heartfelt hug, creating a delightful buzz online.

The actor actively participated alongside the Prime Minister in performing the meticulously planned yoga poses for the gathering. Seated in close proximity to PM Modi, Richard attentively followed the yoga instructions, displaying his dedication and enthusiasm for the practice.

A video recording also captured Richard expressing his admiration for PM Modi. He commended the Indian Prime Minister’s resounding message of “universal brotherhood and sisterhood” and emphasized the importance of echoing it continuously. Richard stated, “It is a lovely message. He (PM Modi) is a product of Indian culture and embodies the vastness of its heritage. This message of universal brotherhood and sisterhood is one that we should consistently reiterate,” he conveyed to the media present at the event.

In addition to Richard Gere’s presence, the occasion attracted an impressive array of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Diplomats, officials, academicians, health professionals, technocrats, industry leaders, media personalities, artists, spiritual leaders, and yoga practitioners all graced the event with their esteemed presence. Notable personalities such as Jay Shetty, Vikas Khanna, and Ricky Kej were among those who joined the gathering, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the event.

Manjari Singh

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