Empowering the Next Generation: TEDx Sparks Inspiration at Chitkara University

by Manjari Singh

A wave of inspiration swept through Chitkara University, Punjab, as the campus played host to the exhilarating TEDx Chitkara University Punjab event this past Friday.

Drawing a constellation of visionary minds from diverse domains, the event welcomed luminaries like Rajat Grover, an expert in human resources; Prince Narula, a renowned model and actor; and Saumya Kulshreshtha, a dynamic entrepreneur. Together, they unveiled transformative ideas spanning the breadth of subjects, from the art of cultivating the right mindset to the strategies for navigating turbulent economic waters.

Prince Narula, a young luminary hailing from the region, celebrated for his multifaceted accomplishments encompassing acting, modeling, singing, and triumphing in reality shows such as “Roadies,” “Splitsvilla,” and “Bigg Boss,” generously shared his journey from trials to triumphs. He illuminated the profound potency of persistence and unwavering dedication. Reflecting on the event, he exuberantly stated, “This platform has ignited the flames of intellectual curiosity and is poised to kindle a fire of impactful change. I firmly believe that each student here is destined for greatness.”

An illustrious Chitkara University alumnus, Rajat Grover, unveiled insights on ‘Mindset and failure: RG’s path to success”. Delving deep into the significance of cultivating a resilient mindset to surmount obstacles and seize triumphs, he unfurled a tapestry of wisdom. Simultaneously, Sourav Roy, an eminent international broadcast journalist and esteemed professor at Chitkara University, captivated the audience with his discourse on “Being work ready, world ready — Thriving amid economic downturns”. Both speakers brilliantly illuminated the art of adapting to economic shifts and carving out pathways to prosperity, striking a resounding chord with the captivated audience.

Saumya Kulshreshtha, an illuminating presence as an educator, entrepreneur, and marketer, graced the stage with her talk titled “The entrepreneurial compass — Navigating challenges with a creative mindset”. She masterfully underscored the indispensable role of creativity in the realm of entrepreneurship, emphasizing how harnessing a creative approach can be an unswerving force propelling toward success.

Entrepreneur and fervent startup advocate Charan Lakkaraju infused his presentation, “Gleaning Lessons from a Felled Entrepreneur,” with invaluable insights. He commended Chitkara University for fostering an ecosystem brimming with innovative discourse, collaboration, and transformative thinking. Lakkaraju articulated, “Attendees have been accorded an unparalleled opportunity to delve into cutting-edge concepts, challenge established paradigms, and connect with kindred spirits united in their commitment to foster positive change.”

Dr. Madhu Chitkara, the esteemed pro-chancellor of Chitkara University, hailed the event as a testament to the institution’s steadfast dedication to nurturing a community of trailblazers, armed with the power to reshape the future. She emphasized that the compelling dialogues delivered by the luminaries had ignited a creative blaze, nurtured profound connections, and sparked insightful conversations, all brimming with the potential for substantial impact.

Manjari Singh

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