Balochistan Diaspora Stages Protest Against Pakistan Outside White House; Demands Justice and Freedom

by Antariksh Singh

In a powerful display of solidarity, members of the Balochistan diaspora gathered outside the White House, raising their voices against the alleged atrocities committed by Pakistan and the longstanding issue of enforced disappearances of Baloch people. The protestors, undeterred by challenging weather conditions, voiced their concerns and demands for justice.

Waheed Baloch, a former speaker of the Balochistan Assembly and one of the protestors, emphasized the purpose of their demonstration, stating, “We’re protesting against the atrocities that have been done to Balochistan by Pakistan for the last 75 years. We’re protesting here in support of those Baloch families that were abducted and missing. For the last 75 years, Pakistan has forcefully occupied Balochistan.”

When asked about their expectations from the upcoming general elections in Pakistan, Waheed Baloch expressed skepticism, asserting, “There has never been a free and fair election in Pakistan, and there is no hope…for Balochistan, they just reelect their nominees… It is unconstitutional and undemocratic.”

Addressing Pakistan’s allegations that Balochis are sponsored by the Indian government, he dismissed the claims as baseless, saying, “They (Pakistan) just say that Balochis are sponsored by the government of India, but they never have produced any evidence…it is rubbish. They lied before, and they are lying again.”

Sufi Laghari, a member of a Sindhi foundation, criticized Pakistan’s tendency to blame India for its internal issues. “One of the biggest failures of Pakistan is that they always blame India…thousands of people in Balochistan have disappeared; do you think it is sponsored by India? These are useless weapons they’re using. These are just blames, games, and fake theories…that’s why we are here in this difficult weather; we came here, and our families and children are here…This is going to be the end of the story for Pakistan, and we are going to get the freedom soon,” he declared.

Adding a youthful perspective to the protest, Sammi Baloch, a young Baloch activist, highlighted the ongoing Baloch genocide as a violation of human rights. “I am here because the Baloch genocide is happening and it has been happening since partition… We are here because many Baloch people have been murdered and they have been genocided and kidnapped by the Pakistani army and the military today we are here to stand with them and their families because what happened to them is atrocious and is human rights violation,” she passionately stated.

As the diaspora continues to raise its voice on the international stage, the plight of Balochistan remains a pressing issue, urging global attention to the call for justice, fairness, and freedom.

Antariksh Singh

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