17 Women Rescued from Muscat, Return Home Safely

by Manjari Singh

In a heartening display of compassion and resilience, 17 women have been successfully rescued from the clutches of exploitation in Muscat, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Rajya Sabha MP Balbir Singh Seechewal and the External Affairs Ministry. Among these courageous survivors, one hails from Jharkhand, while the remaining 16 women are from Punjab. Today, they finally reached the warmth and safety of their homes, putting an end to their ordeal.

Seechewal, who has been at the forefront of this noble mission, revealed that a total of 48 women have been rescued from various Arab countries in the past seven months. These women, lured by promises and false hopes offered by unscrupulous travel agents, found themselves trapped in harrowing circumstances far from home.

Three of the newly rescued women, from Nawanshahr, Amritsar, and Mohali, made their way to Seechewal’s dera in Sultanpur Lodhi. Their accounts of their time in Muscat are both shocking and heartbreaking. They spoke of being forced to perform grueling tasks such as chopping meat and preparing meals, enduring inhumane treatment at the hands of their employers.

One of the returnees, from Nawanshahr, shared her traumatic experience, saying, “Despite suffering a leg injury, I was denied proper medical treatment. Instead, my employers compelled me to continue working, and this mistreatment extended to other women as well. There was no access to medical aid for anyone, regardless of the severity of their ailments.”

Another survivor, from Mohali, disclosed an even more distressing aspect of their plight, saying, “Two girls were subjected to such unbearable cruelty in Muscat that they attempted suicide.” The courage displayed by these women in sharing their horrific experiences and seeking support from their homeland is truly commendable.

Seechewal expressed his deep appreciation for the Indian diplomats who played a crucial role in orchestrating the rescue of these women. He acknowledged the vital role they played in ensuring the safe return of these victims of exploitation.

Manjari Singh

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