A Community United: Honoring Sikh Revolutionary Baba Maharaj Singh

by Manjari Singh

In a heartwarming display of unity, people from diverse political and social backgrounds gathered at Rabbon Uchi village to pay homage to the legendary Sikh revolutionary, Baba Maharaj Singh. The event, which drew significant attention, underscored the enduring legacy of a man who played a pivotal role in India’s fight against British colonial rule.

Baba Maharaj Singh, revered for leading an anti-British movement in Punjab following the first Anglo-Sikh war, has been a symbol of unity and national integrity. His call for the people to unite and follow the path of the first Sikh martyr in the independence struggle remains a powerful message to this day.

Representing the Punjab Government, Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker Kultar Singh Sandhwan, announced a generous grant of Rs 10 lakh for the organization established in Baba Maharaj Singh’s name. The gesture highlighted the government’s commitment to preserving the revolutionary’s legacy and supporting the community’s efforts to honor his memory.

Speakers at the event, including Sandhwan, Manwinder Singh Giaspura, and Payal SDM Charanjit Singh, spoke passionately about Baba Maharaj Singh’s contributions. They hailed him as a great patriot who sacrificed his life for India’s freedom. Sandhwan recounted how Baba Maharaj Singh initiated the struggle for independence by attempting to free the last Sikh ruler, Maharaja Dalip Singh, from British captivity. This historic act, predating the 1857 revolt often marked as the beginning of the Indian freedom movement, established Baba Maharaj Singh as a pioneering figure in the fight against British rule.

“But the British were tipped off about the plans made by Baba Maharaj Singh and his comrades. He was imprisoned and sent to Singapore, where he endured severe hardships and was martyred on July 5, 1856,” Sandhwan shared, evoking a deep sense of respect and admiration from the audience.

The speakers urged the public to follow the teachings of Baba Maharaj Singh, emphasizing the importance of unity and sacrifice in the pursuit of freedom. Manwinder Singh Giaspura, in his address, committed to the overall development of the Payal constituency, with a special focus on Rabbon Uchi village. This commitment is expected to bring about significant positive changes in the area, reflecting the revolutionary spirit of Baba Maharaj Singh.

As the event concluded, the unified presence of people across various political and social divides served as a testament to the lasting influence of Baba Maharaj Singh’s life and teachings. His legacy continues to inspire and unite, proving that the spirit of freedom and integrity he championed remains alive in the hearts of many.

Manjari Singh

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