Sunday, December 10, 2023

Baisakhi Greetings from the Editor

by Rajinder Singh Taggar

Hello readers!

Following and upholding the 10th Guru’s doctrine, Khalsa Vox wishes you a robust harvest, a prosperous future and the strength to live in high spirits.

We at Khalsavox rededicate ourselves to the philosophy of Guru Gobind Singh, who established a collective identity of the Sikhs called the ‘Khalsa’ in the year 1699. On this day, a message was sent to the Sikhs that the ‘Panj Piaras’ imbibed the Guru himself. The decision or the direction given by the ‘Panj ‘Piaras’ will be binding on the whole community.

We choose the occasion of Baisakhi to underline the present-day plight of the Sikhs all over the world. Our community – the Sikhs – seems to have forgotten the message of not only the 10th master but also that of the other Gurus. The concept of ‘Panj Piaras’ has been reduced to just a ritual of decorating ‘a team of five persons’ in the ceremonial robes holding swords for leading the religious processions. Their practical import, however, stands lost. Had it not been so, the Sikhs living in India and settled abroad would not be at the crossroads today.

In the times of such a crisis, before choosing the ‘Panj Piaras’ to make declarations for the future course of actions by the Sikhs,
we must consider their level of understanding of the Sikh philosophy and their devotion to it.

There are other significant issues that stare at us today. The Gurus propagated equality among all castes and creeds, apart from the universal good and love for all. They demolished divisive walls created by different religions and called for ‘Sarbat Da Bhala’ (well being of all).

Historically speaking, by creating Khalsa, the Guru removed middlemen (‘masands’) between him and his followers. A Sikh could now meet him directly.

Trashing the illogical and unscientific religious dogmas, the egalitarian Sikh philosophy stood for humanism and embraced the entire humanity.

Guru Gobind Singh seems to have deliberately chosen the day of Baisakhi to create the Khalsa, considering it auspicious as the harvest sirens coming in of the crop output and its dividends. And in a joyous mood, one can scale heights and be in ‘Chardi Kala’.


Rajinder S Taggar

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